Here we would like to present GRYF photoluminescent materials to you. Our products are entirely the contribution of Polish technical thought, manufactured in Poland and protected by the Polish patent low. Research shows that our photoluminescent products are 3 to 80 times more luminous than the products of world-renowned companies. The time of light emission is 14 hours and the time until the afterglow disappears is 14 days. This places our products at the absolute global forefront. The lifespan of the luminous layer is defined as more than 50 years, and it only refers to the wear of the protective layer.

  • 60
  • months of
  • warranty

Based on the completed projects and the state of knowledge, Gryf Lumen confirms the warranty for the product and assembly for a period of 60 months from its installation. Warranty for the product without assembly is 12 months. The warranty does not cover intentional mechanical damage. This applies to road photoluminescent indicators of DZF-G series.

What distinguishes this product from others:

  • High light output, long burn time until it goes out (0.3 mcd / m2 = 14 days);
  • Multiple recharging with any light source – for 50 years without end;
  • It is charged even with weak light, e.g. light twilight;
  • Convenience and durability – no battery or light bulb means it is failure-free.
  • Ease of application – luminous elements can be mounted to any surface, e.g. road surface, road elements, concrete elements, curbs (paving stones), transparent sound barriers, and many others;
  • Total harmlessness to living organisms – safe light source. One of the main applications of our products is marking the course of bicycle routes, pedestrian-bicycle paths, and hiking trails. The novelty of the technology lies in providing the course of bicycle and pedestrian routes with no need to use a power source.
  • over
  • 14h
  • of burn time places our products at the forefront

PHOTOLUMINESCENCE (glow) is the emission of visible light – electromagnetic radiation (visible and ultraviolet range) occurring as a result of the return to the ground state of molecules or atoms excited to higher electronic states.

The theoretical durability of output is over 50 years, it is limited only by the durability of the outer coating. The emitted light is monochrome and completely safe.

THE EMITTED LIGHT IS COMPLETELY SAFE, which is confirmed by patent application No. P.417371 and grade A achieved in the examination of the state-of-the-art, without any reservations.

oferta #1

Road markers and photoluminescent indicators DZF-G series

Marking of pedestrian and bicycle paths, bicycle routes, pavements, stairs, roads and parking lots. Access to properties, warehouses, etc. Marking out escape routes in the absence of mains power or no natural or artificial lighting, especially in terms of communication safety.

oferta #2

Photoluminescent caps for road bollards, NF-G series

Our offer includes photoluminescent caps for traffic bollards. We produce custom-made caps of the following diameters: 60 mm, 114 mm, 120 mm. The caps’ height is 100 mm or 150 mm.

Produkty dostępne w 2 kolorach świecenia

Kolor w dzień Kolor w nocy Siła świecenia (jarzenia) Czas jarzenia
blado-żółty żółto-zielony największka ponad 14 h
blady seledyn turkus mocny ponad 12 h

The primary purpose of road markings is to provide the driver or other road user with information of a warning, prohibitive, imperative, or informative character. This information is visual and intended to evoke the driver's or pedestrian’s actions appropriate to the road conditions and its surroundings. Gryf elements can be classified as unconventional markings of informing and warning character. Applying the solution in organizing infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, one should take into account the aspect of high technical standard, ensuring maximum comfort and safety of use. The above-mentioned purpose should be of utmost importance, and the introduction of products such as Gryf elements is a solution that will undoubtedly fulfil this objective. Gryf products are a solution that will surely fulfil the above-mentioned objectives.

mgr inż. Rafał Lusa, mgr Paweł Skierczyński
Road and Bridge Research Institute
Surface Technology Department
Road Marking Unit


Parametry świecenia po zgaszeniu świtła
po 5 sek 39000 mcd/m2
po 1 min 12450 mcd/m2
po 10 min 1477 mcd/m2
po 1 h 220 mcd/m2
po 2 h 105 mcd/m2
po 5 h 34 mcd/m2
po 8 h 17 mcd/m2
po 12 h 12 mcd/m2
po 16 h 7 mcd/m2



Pomiary zgodnie z normą DIN – 6700, naświetlanie lampą halogen z siłą 1000 Lux przez 10 min. Przy użyciu miernika SONOPAN L-100 i przystawki PL68 z dnia 17.04.2016 r.

Materiał: Kompozyt warstwowy GRYF
Kolor świecenia: żółto-zielony, jasny
Czułość do zaniku poświaty = 0,3 mcd/m2
Czas do zaniku poświaty 14 dni (22000 min)